Toddlers, Trials & Trends!!!

Calling all moms!  Ladies, can we be honest with ourselves and discuss a topic that can be a serious struggle for us women? I like to refer to them as the three T’s -  "Toddlers, Trials & Trends". If we're being transparent, all moms are faced with these three T's. In trying to manage all of the other responsibilities us women face, the struggle can be REAL and I know for me, I adopt the mantra “fake it to make it”. Have you ever felt this way?  You’re not alone!  I felt compelled to write on this topic because anyone who has a toddler knows that they don't come with instructions. Moreover, they come with tantrums that lead into trials, then you have other trials on top of that.  The tasks of being a mom are daunting.  And, if you’re like me, in the mix of those major things, youre still doing your absolute best to look cute and trendy in the hopes that at least on the outside, you look like you have it all together. Well, let me just inform you, you are not alone!

I'm beyond grateful for my three children.  Many have said to me that no child is the same and I’ve come to lear that they were spot on. Though I have three / and many may think by now I must be a pro my response would be a hard “No, not quite”! I'm continuously learning each of them on a daily basis. My reaction to each them has to be different, my approach, the way I love them, support them, encourage them, it's all different because they are each uniquely and wonderfully made. I'm confident that every family has a child that God uses to teach ongoing patience (haha). My daughter and I have such a well-balanced relationship, straight up, Love/ Hate. Can't live with her and can't live without her! Everyone has those moments when we stop and think... God was I really this difficult and challenging as a child? Is it all unleashing back to me but with a double portion?!?!? Let's face it raising little ones is a full-fledged battle but they also are our biggest blessings. So not only do we have these little ones with big personalities mixing up the flow of our day but then we're each dealing with something that is just plan hard, difficult, challenging that is stretching us to capacity, like a Stretch Armstrong doll. Whether it's something at our job, our home, an unexpected doctor’s report, a disagreement with a close family or friend, come on the list goes on. I'm sure you can fill in the blank about all the added trials that come up in life. Before you know it you're so weighed down and you just feel ugh! Don't forgot we're being real, transparent and vulnerable, so don't be acting like life is a walk in paradise. THEN.... on top of it all as a woman you want me to put myself together, look the part and be trendy/ fabulous? Yeah… because that just sounds exhausting, to be completely forward. This is where I come in. When you think of it you're most likely OVER thinking it. Let me share some tips with you on how you can still be trendy when you have little people running around and walking through the trenches of life trials that just come whether you're ready for them or not. 

Give Your Basics a Bam Look

Denim & a T-Shirt

-1. Add a suit jacket -Add pumps - Add accessories 

Ladies add-on to your t-shirts! Right now is the perfect time to do it too because throwback t-shirts are beyond in! If you add a suit jacket it gives you a totally new, evaluated chic style. Get some pumps aka high heels and you can utilize this add-on as a color pop to your outfit or just bring your denim/ shirt basic look to a trendy fashion forward look. Accessories are everything and so often they are left out. This is what dresses up every outfit and completes it. No accessories is like no sprinkles on a cup cake!!!  In the grand scheme it's OK but sprinkles just adds that little extra that gives it the look of completion and wow factor! Don't leave out your sprinkles! 


-2. Add leather/ denim/ OR bomber jacket - Add booties - Add accessories

When you think about layering you want to think "let me add all my favorites in one look". There are so many options to complete your final layer. You want the process to look something like this in your head, "yes, this looks good, oh my gosh, it's getting even better, OK jackpot, we have a winner!"  Where to begin you have leather, denim, and bomber jackets... The best part is they all can give you a different signature look by just changing the final layer. All the looks below show women wearing black bottoms with a basic shirt but then comes the jacket. Each one gives you a unique outcome that is far different from one another. Let the last layer direct your feel for the day! 


-3. Add button up (flannel) - Add sneakers/ booties - Add hat/ accessories

Don't let your flannels get categorized in what some may consider "frumpy"! They are so much more if you style them right. Great news too! They don't just have to be for fall & winter as they have a variety of colors, as well as lighter weight materials in this style button up. You can make it as simple as just buttoning it up with some denim and adding a fun hat to give you a touch of style. Or, you can have fun layering with these shirts. Instead of this shirt always being the main attraction, switch it up and use it as an accessory by tying it around your waist. Last but certainly not least you can make it a runner up to the main attraction and layer it with a chic faux fur. Anytime you bring faux fur into the mix it brings you and your look to higher heights. Ladies, it's the same shirt but you could be simple/fun, classic/edgy or all out country/glam. It's up to you. Now have fun with your flannels!