About ME

Hello! Hello! And Hello!!! So first things first my name is Megan Enge. I am over the top excited that you have found my blog  whether it's because you were truly searching high and low for it, stumbled upon it or just simply promised a friend you’d check me out (gotta love those friends). All in all, quick praise dance because you are here! YAY! 

I am a full time follower of Jesus (because He’s just that good), a full time wife to my outstanding most incredible husband, Rob, a full time mama to my 3 handsome, gorgeous, stunning little ones as well as working full time as a business professional! Many ask me, how are you able to balance all of this? The only practical answer really is “God and His grace”. I mean honestly though I’d love the opportunity to take the credit for it and say “mission accomplished” all day everyday but it’s just not the case, no matter how much of a super-wife, mom, and employee you think you are. 

With all of that I’m walking into a season of my life that is new and unknown to me. Since I was a little girl I have always had such a passion for fashion and a desire to dress for the occasion. As far as I can remember I was “the girl” that had “the best dresses, the best outfits”. I specifically remember in 2nd grade my parents being called into a parent- teacher conference as the teacher was concerned because I was more interested in what my classmates were wearing than learning the curriculum that was planned for the day. My grandparents played a big role in crafting me to be the fashionista they knew I was born to be. My Nana would buy me these gorgeous and lavish dresses as well as the most trendy and up and coming outfits. She would take me school shopping at the end of each summer and wow was that an experience of a lifetime. I love shoes so much that I used to pull weeds in the yard just to earn up enough money to buy a pair of shoes from Payless (when it really was pay-less). I used to get a penny a weed so yeah you do the math. I was putting in work! From there my love for fashion grew more and more.(just like those weeds) I would be challenged to wear things that no one else would wear, just to see if I could pull it off or to be unique. As I entered my high school years my grandfather would spoil me to a fault as I was the youngest girl on both sides of our family. He would literally buy me anything I wanted as long as it wasn’t an article of clothing that was branded with the retailer’s name plastered across it. During this phase of my life I thought that was awful as I wanted to "rep" a certain brand and I wanted to be known as wearing a specific logo. His motto was that “they (the retailer) should be paying me to wear that to advertise their brand”. I mean looking back on it now, he's pretty much right but in the moment I was so disappointed! What I didn’t realize during that time was that this “rule” helped me to be more creative with my outfit selections and pressed me to think outside the box instead of just wearing what everyone else was wearing or wearing a specific brand to feel accepted and receive a stamp of approval (as the easy way out). 

I know that God has paved the way for me and that He is simply asking for me to follow in the footsteps. I’m excited to be entering into a new season of my life that will challenge me, stretch me and test me. Through this I’ll reach new heights that I’ve never imagined and I’ll be able to explore the passion for fashion in a deeper way that I could only dream of. Let dreams become a reality one day at a time!