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At one time or another we’ve all said these five words, “I have nothing to wear!” Even though we may feel this way deep down inside we all know that’s not entirely the truth. The truth be told though is we’ve be staring, wearing and outfitting the same clothes day in and day out, and that can become tiresome. This leads us down the road of ugh I have nothing. In that moment contact ME for all your style and fashion needs!

Wardrobe Style Review

(Flat Rate: $160.00 includes first 2 hours/ $100.00 for each additional hour)

The opportunity to revamp your unused clothes that crowd your closet and blur your vision when trying to create the perfect look for your occasion or simple selections for your every day attire

I will highlight what your desired style is and align it with your lifestyle to showcase your personality.


-Discussion on measurements

-Style goals 

-Favorite brands & retail stores


-Tour of your closet

-Style tips

-Outfitting techniques


-Review of Wardrobe How To's and put it to action with a personal shopping experience to enhance what you currently have. 

Personal Shopping 

($100.00/ hour)

-Option 1

Find fun in shopping again. I will personally shop with you to find the best options to add to your wardrobe that will bring your style to the next level. You will learn and take away many style techniques that will help you daily in outfitting yourself for any and all occasions. 

-Option 2

Bring the fitting room and style options to you,  in the comforts of your home. I will use my expertise to purchase items in advance to provide you a special delivery service. With this option I can then show you how you can combine and match what you already have with the new options to maximize your wardrobe. 

Style Portfolio 

(Flat Rate: $160.00 includes first 2 hours/ $100.00 for each additional hour)

Upon completion you're feeling ready but are not certain that you can do it without ME... That's ok! The more you do it the better you'll get but in the mean time lets make a portfolio of all the outfits and your new looks. This will help you to connect all the dots and mesh the old with the new to showcase your wardrobe in a fresh light. This will be your guide to take the pressure off when wanting to look your best!